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Explore this compilation of commonly asked questions from sellers like yourself. If you don’t find your specific question addressed, feel free to reach out to us at (440) 577-6552 or complete our contact form. We’re here to assist with any inquiries you may have.

Q:  Are you interested in purchasing my home, or would you be listing it on the MLS for me?
A:  Thank you for reaching out. In our organization, we focus on acquiring homes that align with our specific criteria in Cleveland. We operate as direct buyers and do not function as real estate agents who list properties. As professional home buyers, we do not depend on bank financing, ensuring a reliable and efficient closing process. Following the purchase, we might opt to renovate the property and either resell it to another homeowner or retain it as a rental. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact us anytime; we are here to assist you.

Q: What distinguishes selling my home to you from employing a real estate agent?

A: Selling through a real estate agent can take 4-6 months, with commissions adding up to $3,000-$6,000 for a $100,000 property. If you prefer a quicker sale without commission fees, we’re direct home buyers. Using our funds, we make decisions within days, taking on the risk of purchasing, renovating, and marketing the property, saving you time and commission costs.

Q. What sets your company apart and makes it the optimal choice?

A. Our pride lies in the unwavering values of trust and transparency that we bring to the table. We take pride in demystifying every financial aspect through clear and straightforward mathematics. This ensures that you have a comprehensive understanding of the rationale behind the price we propose and the profit margin we anticipate. Our commitment is to provide you with the utmost value, striving to offer the highest possible payment for your property.

In choosing us, you gain not only financial clarity but also a transparent view of the considerable time and money savings associated with selling your house to our company. Our honesty and commitment to fairness have solidified our excellent reputation, resonating across Cleveland. We believe in forging lasting relationships built on trust, and our track record reflects our dedication to maintaining the highest ethical standards in the real estate industry.

Q:  Can I trust that you’ll present a fair offer for my home?
A:  In real estate, we prefer properties priced below market value to maximize profit upon resale. Currently seeking a fair discount, we recognize that many sellers value immediate funds, swift closings without financing, and avoidance of repair or agent fees. If you’re interested in a quick and mutually beneficial sale, let’s explore a win-win price. While there’s no obligation to accept our offer, we’re pleased to provide a commitment on pricing for your consideration.

Q: What assures me that this is the optimal choice for me?

A: Engaging a real estate agent for selling your home and property entails a protracted process involving inspections, repairs, and a constant flow of people touring your home. The asking price may fluctuate as repairs and additional costs, agreed upon by you or the buyer, are considered.

Conversely, we assess your situation comprehensively, covering all future expenses associated with selling your house. This enables us to provide a fair price and promptly take it off your hands.

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Q: What sets your company apart and makes it the ideal choice for me?

A: We take pride in providing you with trust and transparency as our foremost qualities. Through transparent and straightforward mathematics, we meticulously outline every financial aspect, ensuring you fully comprehend the rationale behind our offered price and the anticipated profit. Our commitment is to offer you the highest payment possible. Additionally, by choosing us, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the time and cost savings associated with selling your house. Our reputation for honesty and fairness is well-established, contributing to our excellent standing in the Cleveland area.

Our approach is rooted in treating clients with unwavering integrity and respect, establishing us as the trusted experts in the region for home acquisitions. We prioritize your timeline, address your concerns, and accommodate your terms to present an offer that genuinely excites you. Regardless of your location in the Cleveland area, our extensive network of investors and partners is dedicated to streamlining the process, ensuring you transition to your next adventure with greater ease and speed.

Q:  What factors contribute to the determination of the offer amount for my home?
A:  We assess multiple factors such as location, needed repairs, the property’s condition, and recent sales of comparable properties. Using this information, we determine a fair price that aligns with the interests of both parties. Striving for a reasonable and mutually beneficial solution, we’re open to collaboration to meet your needs.

Q:  Is there any cost or commission associated with selling my home to you?

A: Our approach differs from the traditional home-selling process. Selling directly to us means you won’t incur any fees or commissions, in contrast to listing fees that can deduct up to 6% from your proceeds. Upon presenting a proposal that meets your satisfaction, we acquire your property without complications or fees, often covering the closing costs. Our profits are earned after handling necessary repairs and selling the home, putting the risks on us, not you. Once we acquire your property, it becomes our responsibility to allow you to disconnect from the property and its payments while receiving funds promptly.

Q:  Is there an obligation for me to sell to you once I submit my information?
A: You are under no obligation whatsoever. Upon sharing information about your property, we’ll offer a monetary proposal. If you need additional time or want to explore other selling options, feel free to do so. Our offer remains unchanged, allowing you to return and accept it later if you wish.

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